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Wangu Kuang Di Episode 15 English Subbed

Anime Sub Sub Released on April 2, 2024 · ? views · Posted by admin · Series Wangu Kuang Di English Subbed
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Wangu Kuang Di English Subbed

Wangu Kuang Di English Subbed

The Proud Emperor of Eternity, 万古狂帝
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2024 Duration: 16 min. per ep. Type: Anime Episodes: 20
Chu Kuangsheng, son of Patriarch Chu in the remote Shiyang town in Shenlong Empire, was born weak and unable to train. Due to his cultivation impairment, he is the laughingstock of the entire town. Three years ago, his parents go missing while on official duty. His talented and beautiful sister, Chu Liu'er, is the apparent successor to head the Chu family but she suffers a strange illness. Since then, Chu Kuangsheng's situation gets increasingly difficult. During an ambush, the injured Chu Kuangsheng inherits the ancestral technique of Chu family, rebuilding his damaged meridians. From then on, Chu Kuangsheng's training progresses rapidly. Despite appearing weak and incompetent on the surface, he has another identity — the renowned Kuangzun in the martial world. Chu Kuangsheng discovers the collusion of the Chu clan leader with outsiders may be related to his parents' disappearance. He uses his hidden identity of Kuangzun to secretly make connections with heroes, accumulating strength and gathering information. With one face and two identities, he eliminates the corrupt individuals in the Chu clan, He then leaves the small town for Siling Academy to train while he investigates and traces the clues to his parents' disappearance. Wielding his sword, cutting off the past and battling against heroes in the vast universe, Chu Kuangsheng's name resonates across myriad domains — he becomes the master. [Written by AnastasiaWun]

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